Subduction, which is a favorable process for forming ore deposits, is principal to plate tectonics, during which the old oceanic crust consumes while the new oceanic crust forms at mid-ocean ridges. During the subduction of the old oceanic crust, materials are transported from the surface into the Earth’s mantle as well as fractionation of elements occurs during dehydration and metasomatism as well as arc magmas and variety of ore deposits are formed.

It is well known that magmatic arc rocks probably contain more economic metallic ore bodies than rocks formed in any other tectonic setting. Among the various types of mineralization, the greatest tonnage of extractable metal is suggested to be from porphyry copper deposits, but submarine exhalative sedimentary base-metal deposits and gold are also important. Major mineral deposits in island arcs can be divided into three main groups according to their environment of formation: deposits formed in magmatic arcs, deposits formed in ocean crust or upper mantle and tectonically emplaced within ophiolites, and exogenous deposits formed in or on raised limestones and on ultrabasic rocks.

In order to better understand the ore formation and modeling related to subduction zones, Trabzon branch of the Geological Chamber of Turkey and Karadeniz Technical University are now organizing the first “International Workshop on Subduction Related Ore Deposits (SROD)” which will be held at the Osman Turan Convention Center of the Karadeniz Technical University, Trabzon, Turkey (coastal city in the eastern Black Sea), 22-26 September 2017. During the workshop, 7 scientists will give invited talks on different topic of subduction related ore deposits. The participants will also have a chance to publish their abstracts and present them as posters during the two days of technical sessions (23-24 September 2017). At the evenings of two days of technical sessions, we will open our petrography laboratory of our department and the participants can investigate their polished sections together with the other participants and also with the invited speakers. Field trips to various type of ore deposits will be organized on 25th September, and the participants can choose the one fits their topic of study. We will also organize a social trip to different localities within Trabzon (Sümela Monastery and Uzungöl) and also to Batumi (Georgia) on 26th September.

We hope that earth scientists from different countries will attend this international workshop.