Jorge Manuel Relvas CV

Date of birth:November 27, 1960

Nationality: Portuguese

Institutional address:

Geology Department, Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon

Ed. C6, Piso 4, Campo Grande

1749-016 Lisboa,  Portugal

Tel. 351-217500354     Mob. 351- 963385193   Email


Academic degrees, fields of study, awarding institutions, dates in reverse order:

Habilitation [Geology], U. Lisbon, 2007

Ph.D. Geology (Metallogeny), U. Lisbon, 2000

MSc. Geology, U. Lisbon, 1991

Graduation in Geology (BSc + Hons. Thesis = 5 yrs), U. Lisbon, 1987


Present positions, institutions:

- Associate Professor (with Habilitation), University of Lisbon

- President of the Society for Geology Applied to Mineral Deposits - SGA

- Member of the Directory Board of the Foundation of Faculty of Sciences, U Lisbon - FFCUL

- President of the Science Center of Lousal (“Ciência Viva” Network, Portugal)

- Coordinator of the evaluation pannel on earth sciences for doctoral and post-doctoral scholarships FCT (Portuguese Funding Agency for Science and Technology)

- Coordinator of the National Comission for the Portuguese Olympiads of Geology (OPG) / International Earth Science Olympiads (IESO) 

- Member of the Editorial Committee of the Boletin Geologico y Minero, ITGE, Spain 

- Member of the Directory Board of the Portuguese Society for Natural Sciences–SPCN

- Member of the Society of Economic Geologists - SEG


Main research interests:

Metallogeny, Ore Geology (Massive Sulfide Deposits; VHMS Provinces; Iberian Pyrite Belt; Neves Corvo Mine; Mineral Exploration), Seafloor Hydrothermal Activity, Seafloor Mineral Resources; Isotope Geochemistry; Geochemistry of Hydrothermal Processes.

Selected Publications

(28 Articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals; 8 Book chapters; 91 publications in proceedings of international meetings; 5 Field trip guide books)

Rosa, CJP, Mcphie, J, Relvas JMRS, 2016. Distinguishing peperite from other sediment-matrix igneous breccias: lessons from the Iberian Pyrite Belt. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 315: 28-39

Huston, D., Relvas, J.M.R.S., Gemmell, B., and Drieberg, S., 2011. The role of granites in volcanic-hosted massive sulphide ore-forming systems: an assessment of magmatic-hydrothermal contributions to the ores. Mineralium Deposita, 46: 473-508

Rosa, CJP, Mcphie, J, Relvas JMRS. 2010. Type of volcanoes hosting the massive sulphide deposits of the Iberian Pyrite Belt. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 194: 107-126

Relvas JMRS, Barriga, FJAS, Ferreira, A, Noiva, PC, Pacheco, N, Barriga, G, 2006. Hydrothermal alteration and mineralization in the Neves- Corvo volcanic-hosted massive sulfide deposit, Portugal: I. Geology, Mineralogy, and Geochemistry. Economic Geology 101-4: 753-790

Relvas JMRS, Barriga FJAS, and Longstaffe F, 2006. Hydrothermal alteration and mineralization in the Neves-Corvo volcanic-hosted massive sulfide deposit, Portugal: II. Oxygen, Hydrogen and Carbon Isotopes. Economic Geology 101-4: 791-804

Relvas JMRS, CCG Tassinari, J Munhá, FJAS Barriga, 2001. Multiple sources for ore-forming fluids in the Neves Corvo VHMS deposit of the Iberian Pyrite Belt (Portugal): Strontium, Neodymium and Lead isotope evidence. Mineralium Deposita 36: 416-427


- Mineralium Deposita Best Paper Award, 2003; Nominated for the “Lindgren Award”, SEG, 2000

Scientific Cruises at Sea 

- FLORES, EU/AMORES, 1997 (Atalante/Nautile (submersible), Y. Fouquet, chief scientist)

- IRIS, Ifremer, France, 2001 (Atalante/Victor (ROV), Y. Fouquet, chief scientist)

- SEAHMA, Creminer/U. Lisbon, 2002 [Atalante/Victor (ROV), F. Barriga, chief scientist]

- SERRETA 2008, EMEPC/Creminer, 2008 [GAGO COUTINHO/ROV LUSO, M.Abreu, chief scientist];

- SERRETA 2009, EMEPC/Creminer, 2009 [GAGO COUTINHO/ROV LUSO, Lourenço,chief scientist] 


Other Relevant Activities


SEG Neves Corvo Field Conference, Portugal, 1997 (Technical Session Committee, President); ETH-Zurich, 2000  (Seminar on Metallogeny, Invited Lecturer); PIMA (Portable Infrared Mineral Analiser) TRAINING COURSE, 2001 (Organizing Committee, Head); GEODE Workshop, Aracena, Spain, 2001 (Invited speaker); SEG Global Exploration: Integrated methods for discovery, Denver, USA, 2002 (Invited Speaker); Washington State University (Seminar on Metallogeny, Invited Lecturer); GEODE Field Workshop, 2003, Aracena, Spain (Co-organizer and Field Trip Leader]; Planning, follow up and equipment of the laboratorial facilities at the new Geofcul building C6 (2002 and 2003; Head of Departmental Committee); Co-responsible for the Laboratory of Stable Isotope Geochemistry of GEOFCUL; Organizing Committees  of 8th SGA Biennial Meeting, 2005, Beijing, China; 9th SGA Biennial Meeting, 2007, Dublin, Ireland; 10th SGA Biennial Meeting, 2009, Townsville, Australia; 11th SGA Biennial Meeting, 2011, Antofagasta, Chile; 12th SGA Biennial Meeting, 2013, Uppsala, Sweden; 13th SGA Biennial Meeting, 2015, Nancy, France; Participation in 13 international field trips to ore districts; Member of 16 post-graduation juris (U. Lisbon); Reviewer of six ISI journals; Participant/PI in 14 Research Projects; PI of 3 Science outreach projects; Keynote speaker at the 10th SGA Biennial Meeting, 2009, Townsville, Australia; at the Ecole Thematique - Ressources Minerales: Defis Scientifiques et Societaux”, U. Geneve, Switzerland, February, 2013; at “Student and Young Geoscientists Meeting”, U. Novosibirsk, Russia, 2014; at PDAC Meeting, Toronto, Canada, 2014; at SGA Student Chapter, U. Charles, Prague, Czech Republic, 2014;  at 13th SGA Biennial Meeting, 2015, Nancy, France; at the “Seminario de especialización y actualización en Geologia de Yacimientos de Sulfuros Masivos”, 2015, U. Huelva, Spain; at the European Mineralogical Congress 2016, Rimini, Italy.